What We Offer

Infants Room (12 weeks to 2 years)

The main focus in the Babies Room is security and attachment. We achieve this through maintaining children’s home routine within the centre. The Babies Room has its own outdoor learning environment.

Toddlers Room (2 to 3½ years)

In the Toddlers Room we focus on independence, self-help skills and toileting.

Pre-Kindy Room (3½ to 4 years)

In the Pre-Kindy room we focus on developing empathy, social skills and friendships, and tailor activities according the interests of the children.

Kindergarten Room (4 to school age)

The Kindergarten program runs between 8.30am and 4pm each day.  All children are entitled to 15 Kindergarten Hours per week.  Care is provided before and after the Kindy times.

Outdoor Learning Environment/ Bush Kindy Program and Beach Kindy program

Our program provides a valuable nature education experience for children.  Children will be taught about how to assess a risk and thereby taken appropriate challenges and responsiblity.  In our Bush Kindy program, children learn important lessons – what is slippery, what you can trip over or fall from, how to climb.  Part of the program will also be about how we care for the space we are playing in. This program is run from May-July.(Bush Kindy). In the months Jan-March we have Beach Kindy.  Our outdoor area at Stirling is all about going back to nature, making changes to stimulate children and challenge their thinking.  Some of the exciting things we have to offer are:  growing our own vegetables, herb gardens and recycling.

Our educators

Our educators are enthusiastic and dedicated and come with a variety of experiences in caring for children. Each room has a balance of regular children services professionals and assistants. We encourage and support our educators to continue their professional development within the workplace through formal study, workshops and on-the-job training.


Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and involves contributions made by families, children and educators. Rather than teach children, our educators provide opportunities for children to learn from the environment and others around them. To illustrate the exciting activities and discoveries the children engage in, a celebration folder is created for each child containing learning stories, photos, art work and contributions by parents.


Nutritious meals and snacks are prepared daily. We provide a menu over a four week rotating period. Different cultural influences are reflected in our food choices and we provide appropriate meals for children with specific dietary requirements.